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It’s the undeniable “king” between the varieties that produce red wine. It gives winemakers and winerys  the ability  to use their creativity , and affect the wines aromas without at the same time vanish the qualities that characterize wines produced of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Cabernet Sauvignon gives a lot of intensity, strength, high consistency in tannins and alcohol, but also strong oak aromas.


Greek quality with dark red grapes, dense , with juicy flesh, soft and almost colorless, rich in phenols.The aromas of fresh Agiorgitiko wines are fruity, with cherry being the main aroma. Once aged, they gain a rich bouquet of aromas , in which those of spices and rosemary dominate.


Big grapes, with seeds, light in color, juicy flesh and yellow light skin. It’s tasteful, crunchy with a delightful elegant aroma .It is harvested between the middle of August until the end of September (it depends upon the Geographical region). Besides as table grape it is also used in wine making (double use). It gives white wine with light, elegant aromas.

Table Grapes


It produces wonderful single variety red wines, but it also  takes part in multi variety wines. Merlot grapes have big , round , blue-black color berries, less intense than those of Cabernet’s Sauvignon, with lighter skin and less tannins , but richer in sugars. Merlot’s fruity tastes consist those of cherries, berries but also olive , pepper, skin, mushrooms and tobacco . If the wine has been aged and matured in oak barrels , we distinguish , aromas of tobacco and vanilla.

                          Our varieties are cultivated without irrigation and are products of Organic Farming.

The soil on the slopes of Mount Paggaion and Symbolon, and the Pierreon valley between those two, is ideal for vine cultivation. These conditions in combination with Organic  farming give us excellent grapes, rich in  aroma, colors, and sugar which is the ideal mean to wonderful, aromatic, bright and colorful wines. 




It’s a very vivid and productive Greek grape extreme tolerant to drought. It has big grapes with dense , big berries with light yellow gold skin and sweet, soft flesh with a taste of moshato. It gives white wines with high consistency in alcohol περιεκτικότητας σε αλκοόλη, medium acidity and relatively intense scent of exotic fruits.

It’s a Greek vine variety that ,with no doubt ,shows off, the significance and depth of contemporary Greek wines suggestion in in today's wine world. Limnio wines have medium intensity in colors, live elegant aromas both in nose and mouthin which the scents of fresh aromatic herbs and red fruits of the forest are the most distinguished.

It’s ideal for those wine lovers that want a diversion of string, heavy international qualities and desire to taste red wines with interesting, clean taste that are structured on soft and less intense tannins.

It is considered by many experts the top Greek wine making vine. It’s grapes, με white Greek or golden green color , medium thickness skin and dense berries dense berries, well formed and probably soft flesh. It gives light colored to white wines, with dominant aromas those of sour citrus fruits but also with the presence of apple and pear, fruity taste with quite some  or even high acidity and high consistency in alcohol. It’s one of the few wines worldwide combining those characteristics . Asirtiko has the ability to produce both dry and sweet wines.


It belongs to a large and famous family of grapes  that are cultivated with various names all over the wine making countries. The can produce a large variety of wines, from aged sweet to fresh ,fruity and sparkling. But they all have one in common; Their wonderful intense aroma.

In Greece it has been cultivated the last 20 years. Chardonnay gives white wines of various characters , smoke, coconut, vanilla, aromas that do not come from the specific variety but exclusively by the wine making method that has been followed.

It distinguishes for the often acute and strong composition of its bouquet . We can scent aromas of fresh αρώματα φρεσκοκομμένου grass, wild grass , but also lemon, pepper, olive, asparagus , grapefruit and melon, that the process during wine making enriches with the aromas of βανίλιας, wood, butter, oak and smoke.


Red Wine Grapes

White Wine Grapes

It’s a red seedless table grape.

With elongated, pinkish-red 

berries   a crisp, firm skin and a juicy pulp. Medium-sized Crimson grapes  have

a crisp, refreshing, sweetly-tart, almost spicy flavor. Crimson Seedless grapes are fast becoming the preferred red seedless grape in supermarkets worldwide because of their exceptional shelf life. 



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Our grapes are cultivated according to the rules of organic farming and are certified by DIO Organization.