Must Syrup from grapes of Organic Farming

A wonderful caramel color syrup, that is produced after many hours of boiling  the Must. Must Syrup is one of the richest sources of phenols ,nutritious and a great source of iron ,therefore it is an excellent medicine for cough and anemia  . It replaces sugar and honey. It is used in pastry cooking and also in seasoning food or salads.

It is made with the traditional recipe  by the women of the region we keep our vineyards from grapes of organic farming.

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Our tsipouro (raki) is the distillate   of Must and the refuse of drained grapes from organic varieties that we cultivate in Paggaion, Kavala, Greece . The multiple distillations, the conditions of fermentation, the proportion of its ingredients and the finishing with water we bring directly from springs of Paggaion Mountain, give us an extra fine quality extract liquor . With extra strong taste and aromatic, high consistency in alcohol, but with no unpleasant affects due to its pureness , it “conquers” those who like to enjoy tsipouro. It is available without anise-for those who  prefer clean taste – and also flavored with anise.

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Tsipouro (raki) from grapes of Organic Farming (Extract Liquor made by the refuse of drained grapes and Must)




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Το τσίπουρο είναι το ιδανικό συνοδευτικό των  παραδοσιακών και θαλασσινών μεζέδων !

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A traditional Greek recipe . It’s fruits or vegetables boiled in Must Syrup. (water-melon skin, pumpkin).


We boil fruits till they are soften and then we boil then into Must syrup till the syrup is thick enough. (1Kilo of Must Syrup per Kilo of fruit). It is always necessary when you make fruits in syrup  that you  let them into quicklime water for 24hours and then rinse them with plenty of water, so they remain crunchy and do not melt into marmalade when boiling.

You Keep it in vases like jam and serve it as a desert by itself or with yogurt, crème or in crepes.


Ideal compo: Chicken in Must Syrup!

Try to sauté chicken with olive oil and garlic and after you pure wine you finish it with must syrup and boil it for half an hour.

Must syrup

instead of Balsamic Vinegar

You can use must syrup, shaken with olive oil and a few drops of wine vinegar or mustard  as salad dressing.

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