Organic Farming

For the production of our products we follow rules that their purpose is to protect the environment, the preservation or even the growth of euphoria and the biological activity of the soil, along with the creation of those conditions that allow the preservation of the interaction between the soil and the plants , without the use of chemicals and chemical fertilizers . The observance of those rules, the control and certification is done by Organizations approved and authorized by the Hellenic Ministry of Rural Development and Food , the checks are done through all the stage s of production. Our biological products are certified by DIO Organization    ( ).

In Organic vine growing and generally in Organic farming, the success depends upon the Knowledge , the training, the experience but also by the passion the love and the imagination of the Organic farmer. We  clean the vines from the unnecessary wild grass, every and each one of them by hand and the only sprinklings done are those with sulphur and turquoise .

Organic Farming is the answer to the dead end that farmers, the environment and society is driven to, by intensive and industrialized farming : the food scandals and the distraction of the environment (dissertation η, drought etc).

Organic Farming is investing in quality and good health and supports the preservation of the environment even that means that we get smaller production. Smaller but rich in quality. Organic products in contrast with those that come from industrialized farming are richer in taste and nutrition and totally safe for environment and the consumer

Our company’s basic principal is the attachment to the principals of Sustainable Development.  Respect for the environment , the tradition and most important the human.



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Organic Farming



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